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Jesse is a amazing little dog we got from a wonderful couple in Moosomin, SK. She is a boston terrier x beagle and has personality oozing out of every pore! She fits perfectly into our life here on the farm.



Koda is our Shepherd X that we got from Funds for Furry Friends in Brandon, MB when she was 10 months old. She is a sweetheart of a dog that just loves to get a good pet from you. She has turned otu to be a wonderful farm dog that just loves to be around the animals and occaisionally thinks she can herd the horses.  Indoors, we sometimes forget she's inside. She loves anyone that will pay attention to her, and will do anything she can to please you.




Tigger is our DSH kitten we adopted from some neighbours down the road. He was an outdoor cat for a while, but suckered his way in to the house and now rules the roost! He has a blast trying to harass the dogs, but doesn't always get away with it. If you're in need of some entertainment, Tigger would definately be a good place to look on this farm.