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March 8 - Kokanee is starting to bag up and we are getting so excited for our first foal of the year!


December 30 - Unfortunately we said goodbye to our dearest Cheetah today. It was a sad day on the Ponderosa and there is a spot here now that no one else can fill.
August 21 - 23 - Its time for All Breed Horse Show and Challenge again in Brandon, MB! We can home with a fist full of ribbons! Jetta took 2 firsts, one reserve and one grand champion as well as 2 third places! Juliet took 2 firsts and one reserve breed champion! 

August 5 - we attended private lessons with DJ Cairns at Artesian Sands. Yet again, DJ helped Jetta and I move along in our training. It is so sad that this was our last ride with her this year! 

July 12 - we attended a group lesson with Lynda Suffield of Redvers, SK. Both Jetta and I leanred a lot at the clinic and had a great time doing it! I would highly recommend Lynda for anyone wanting to learn more about riding! 

June 30 - we took Jesse and Toffee to the vet today to confirm pregnacy. Jesse is confirmed around 22 days in foal to Sensational ZipnRock of Prairie Sky Acres. Unfortunately, Toffee is not expecting a foal for the sping. 

June 28 - Our first meeting of Borderline Riders in Carnduff, SK. We had a great time riding and socializing with fellow horse people. Jetta did great and we are expecting so much from her as she progresses in the summer. 

June 27 - We went to the Arcola Stampede and Fair today. It was our first show of the season and we did well with our your horses against all the stiff competition. Jetta placed 4th out of 10 in her showmanship class. Juliet did well for her first show, but unfortunately did not place in her class. 

June 26 - I have been accepted to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine for the class of 2013!!! I cannot wait! 

June 19 - We are sad to say that we have lost our beloved little filly, Ayah. Even though she was only a few weeks old, she will be missed dearly. 

June 14 & 15 - We attended another DJ Cairns clinic at Artesian Sands at Manor, SK. As usual DJ did an amazing job coaching us and addressing all of our issues. She is a very talented teacher and rider and I would recommend her for any age or skill level. 

June 10 - We are officially fishied breeding. Our stallion was everything we hoped he would be and we are already excited for our foals next spring! 

June 4 - We are excited to announce the addition of an AQHA mare, IWR Nannette to our band. She is going to be bred next spring to produce a working prospect. 

May 25 - We are happy to annouce that Honey had her baby today and it is a beautiful bay filly! She is everything we could have hoped for and more! 

May 16 - We attended Rocking W Spring Sale today and were lucky enough to sell one mare, but ended up bringing Indy home. 

May 14 - We took Kokanee to the vet today to confirm her pregnancy. She is in foal 30 days to our stallion SB The Outlaw. We already cannot wait for her baby to be born! 

May 9 - Jesse gave birth to the most uniquely marked tobiano colt! He should be a stellar gelding when he gets older! 

April 11 & 12 - Our first clinic of the year! DJ Cairns was an amazing clinician and helped everyone out with all their questions. It was a total success!!