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We are a farm that strives to provide everything needed for a horses well being. If you need help finding a horse that will suit your needs perfectly, a place to keep your horse if you live in the area (or even if you don't), or if you need help finding the perfect tack at a cheaper price, let us know! If you see a mare on here that you think you would like a foal out of we will see what we can arrange!




 We offer pasture turn-out in a group setting for mares, geldings and even stallions! We have two pastures, one that measures 13 acres where our mares are kept, and the other measures 20 acres. We are in the process of building another enclosure more suitable to stallions.


Summer - $100/month
Winter - $150/month (includes hay)


Summer - $150/month (includes hay)
Winter - $200/month (includes hay)


Colt Breaking


 No matter the age of your horse, we are willing to calm them down and put a saddle on their back! The horses that we train are level headed and able to take you down the road. They will be exposed to lots of new sights and sounds, and will have lots of miles put on by the time they go home. We do not believe in bucking a horse out. We get them ready to accept a rider and work with them to help them trust people and realize that riding can be an enjoyable thing to do, not something they are forced into. All of our training starts in the round pen, moves to the riding arena, and then, when the time is right, we move to the ditches and fields around our house. Even horses with vices such as rearing can benefit from moving back to the basics and starting from the ground up. 

$250/month + board 

** Colt Breaking is currently put on hold because I am heading off to school. Services will resume next summer**


Riding Lessons

Whether you've been away from horses for a while and need a referesher, or you've always wanted to ride, but never had the chance...NOW YOU CAN!!!!

How to sessions                          $15/hour
Horse handling sessions          $25/hour
Beginner riding lessons             $10/half hour

I will travel to your place but mileage is extra!

**Riding lessons are currently on hold because I am heading off to school. Services will continue next summer**


Riding Arena Rental


We have a 78' x 102' outdoor riding arena as well as a 45' round pen available to current clients and to non-clients.

2 hours - $5

All Day - $15


We also sell a beautiful collection of PartyLite candles. We can get anything out of current - and even possibly past - catalogues. If you are interested in hosting a party, please , and we will see what we can arrange!