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We are located 2 miles west of the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border and 19 miles north of the USA/Canada border.

 The house is a 1915 Eaton's house. It has all of the original hardwood floors, windows, and wood trim around the windows and doors. Even though the house is only 95 years old, the farm has been in the family since 1908, and this year we were awarded the Century Family Farm award. The other structures around the yard are not that old, and only the foundations to the old buildings can be found in the ground.

 We have an old barn, of which only 1/2 remains (the other half burnt about 40 years ago, but it was made structurally sound again). The barn can hold well over 1500 square hay bales, and another 500-600 square straw bales. It also provides the horses with a run in shelter with a constant supply of water, from a well beside the barn. We also have a new 30x30 shop and 24x30 barn. The barn has 3 box stalls (2 are 8x10 and one is 10x12), and will hopefully have a tack room and a wash stall hopefully by next year. Finally, we have an outdoor arena (78x102) with good lighting, so it can be used all day (and night) long. We are hoping to enlarge the riding arena to 100x200 in the next year. 

The mares have one pasture measuring 13 acres to run in, and this summer we are built another pasture (about 20 acres) for a good hay crop and fall pasture. We also have a smaller pasture to keep mares with their foals, newly weaned foals, or as a way to introduce new horses to the herd.


Who are We?


We are a young couple, just getting started in the horse world. Colin works in town for a plumber and I am currently attending the Western College of Veterinary Medicine to attain my DVM. I am hoping to become board certified in theriogenology (reproduction). All of our spare time is devoted to improving our farm, our herd genetics and working towards our ultimate goals.

I am a city girl who has moved to the country- but don't let that foold you. I've been around horses my entire life, and have worked on a breeding farm for quite a few years. Now matter how you cut it, I am passionate about my horses and am passionate about producing top quality animals. Colin is a country boy that grew up on a grain farm. They operated on over 30 quarters and in the early years had pigs to supplement the grain income.

For me, Kokanee is where it all got started. She is the first horse that I actually owned, even though I had trained and rode many others. I bought her the summer after my second year of university. She has turned into the best horse I could have ever owned, and she does anything and everything she can to please me. For Colin, it started with Toffee. She was the first horse he looked at, and when he saw her, he fell in love. After that, everything is history.