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CAHR # 37826
AHA # 532142

SB The Outlaw is an amazing 1993 grey arabian stallion with a pedigree that speaks for itself. He comes from Sunnybrook Equestrian Center and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to own this stallion. Dee has wonderful movement, a floating trot, a beautiful, typey head and neck and a great personality! We could not have asked for more in a stallion.

Our breeding season ends on July 15, 2009. We are now accepting bookings for 2010. We will hand breed or pasture breed your mare. $600 for purebred Arabians and $500 for all other mares. Mare care is $3.00/day or $5.00/day with a foal at side. Please contact us for more information.

Check out two of Dees foals, now broodmares, at Prairie Sky Acres out of Carievale, SK.





Thee Desperado (Sire) - 1992 Egyptian Event, Jr. Champion Colt; 1993 US and Canadian Top Ten Open Stallions; 1994 Region 9 Grand Champion Stallion; 1994 Scottsdale Unanimous Grand Champion Stallion; 1994 US Reserve National Champion Stallion. Thee Desperado was named the #15 leading US sire of all Arabian horses, with all bloodlines. He sired 782 foals.

Ruminaja Ali (S. S. Sire AND D. Sire) - 1979 US National Futurity Stallion at Halter; 1980 Canadian National Top Ten Stallion at Halter; 1980 US National Top Ten Stallion at Halter; 1983 US Reserve National Champion Stallion at Halter. Ruminaja Ali has been named the #49 US sire of all Arabian horses. He has sired 449 foals.

The Minstril (S. Sire) - 1987 US National Top Ten Futurity Colt; 1993 Canadian National Top Ten Stallion; 1993 Egyptian Event Supreme Champion Stallion; 1993 US National Top Ten Stallion; 1989 - 1994 leading breeding Arabian Stallion in the world. He has been named the #29 US Sire of all Arabian horses. He sired 581 foals.

TheEgyptianPrince (S. D. Sire and D. D. Sire) - though unshown, TheEgyptianPrince has made his name known by siring offspring that have made their mark in the show ring. He has been named the #12 US Sire of all Arabian horses. He sired 826 foals.

Ruminaja Ali
Theegypitian Prince
AK Amiri Asmarr
 Shaikh al Badi
Ruminaja Ali
Bint Magidaa
Ali Gamila
Theegyptian Prince
Arani Gamil

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"To ride is to fly on the wings of an angel"

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