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Ponderosa Outlaw (PtHA)               Durante (CAHR partbred)
April 18, 2010 - Chestnut Tobiano Stud Colt

By SB The Oulaw out of Duals Kokanee Gold









RockNSensation (pending...)

APHA/PtHA Regsistered Foal
Solid Sorrel Filly

Sensational ZipNRock                                               x                                                                        Hand Ford Gold






CAHR/PtHA Registered Foal
Colour Possibilities: Grey (50%), Bay, Chestnut, Black
Pattern Possibilities: Tobiano (most likely), Solid

SB The Outlaw                                                               x                                                               Duals Kokanee Gold





 PtHA registered foal
Colour Possibilities: Palomino, Sorrel
Pattern Possibilities: Overo (most likely), Solid

Sensational ZipNRock                                                  x                                                                                         Honey






CAHR Registered Foal
Colour Possibilities: Grey (50%), Buckskin, Bay, Palomino, Chestnut,  Smokey Black, Black
Pattern Possibilities: Solid


SB The Outlaw                                                               x                                                                                          Toffee




APHA/PtHA Registered Foal
Colour Possiblities: Grey (50%), Black, Bay, Chestnut
Pattern Possibilities: Tobiano, Solid

GDS Gallant Texas Leo                                                x                                                                              IWR Nanette